Govinda’s Manager Clarifies on Reports of Actor’s Involvement in Rs 1,000 Crore Online Ponzi Scam: A Closer Look



On September 13, 2023, the Odisha Economic Offences Wing (EOW) announced that they would question Bollywood actor Govinda in connection with a pan-India online Ponzi scam probe of Rs 1,000 crore. The authorities alleged that the Solar Techno Alliance (STA-Token), with an online presence in several countries, was illegally operating a pyramid-structured online Ponzi scam in the garb of crypto investment.

Govinda had reportedly endorsed the company’s operations in some promotional videos, which led to the EOW’s interest in questioning him. However, Govinda’s manager, Shashi Sinha, has since clarified that the actor has no involvement in the scam and that his endorsement of the company was simply a professional engagement.

What was the STA-Token Ponzi Scam?

The STA-Token Ponzi scam was a complex scheme that involved investors being promised high returns on their investments. Investors were encouraged to recruit new members into the scheme, and they would receive a commission on the investments of their recruits. This created a pyramid structure, with investors at the top of the pyramid earning the most money and investors at the bottom of the pyramid losing money.

The STA-Token Ponzi scam is estimated to have defrauded investors of over Rs 1,000 crore. The EOW has arrested several people in connection with the scam, including the company’s country and Odisha heads, Gurtej Singh Sidhu and Nirod Das.

Govinda’s Involvement in the Scam

Govinda’s manager has stated that the actor was unaware of the fraudulent nature of the STA-Token Ponzi scheme when he agreed to endorse the company. He claims that Govinda was simply approached by an agency to appear at a promotional event for the company, and that he was not involved in any of the company’s business dealings.

However, some critics have questioned Govinda’s judgment in endorsing a company that was involved in a high-risk investment scheme. They argue that Govinda should have done more research into the company before agreeing to endorse it.

The Implications of Govinda’s Involvement

Whether or not Govinda was aware of the fraudulent nature of the STA-Token Ponzi scheme, his involvement in the scam has damaged his reputation. Some fans have expressed disappointment in Govinda for endorsing a company that has defrauded so many people.

The EOW’s investigation into Govinda’s involvement in the scam is ongoing. It is possible that Govinda could face legal consequences if it is found that he knowingly endorsed a fraudulent company.

Beyond Govinda: The Dangers of Ponzi Schemes

The STA-Token Ponzi scam is just one example of the many Ponzi schemes that have been perpetrated around the world. Ponzi schemes are a type of fraud in which investors are promised high returns on their investments, but the returns are actually paid out from the money of new investors. Ponzi schemes are unsustainable and eventually collapse, leaving investors with nothing.

It is important to be aware of the dangers of Ponzi schemes and to avoid investing in any company that promises high returns with little or no risk. If you are considering investing in a new company, be sure to do your research and understand the risks involved.


Govinda’s involvement in the STA-Token Ponzi scam is a reminder of the dangers of these types of schemes. It is important to be aware of the red flags associated with Ponzi schemes and to avoid investing in any company that seems too good to be true.

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